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– Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SICM-SECM) Wenqing Shi, Cathy Lee, Gerald Pascual, John Paul Pineda, Byong Kim, Keibock Lee, Park Systems Inc., Santa Clara, CA USA Introduction Since the inception of scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) [1], electrochemists

Wenqing Shi, Gerald Pascual, Byong Kim, and Keibock Lee Park Systems Inc., Santa Clara, CA USA Abstract Nanoscale frictional measurement, or nanotribology, is an effective approach to identify surface compositional differences for a wide variety of

Textile Nanocharacterization: Topography, Phase Imaging and Nanomechanical Property Investigation of Polyester Yarn Interaction with Silicon Matrix   Gerald Pascual, Byong Kim, Mina Hong, John Paul Pineda, and Keibock Lee Technical Marketing, Park Systems Abstract Textiles research and development

Automated Non-Destructive Imaging and Characterization of Graphene/hBN Moiré Pattern with Non-Contact Mode AFM Ardavan Zandiatashbar, Byong Kim, Young-kook Yoo, Keibock Lee, Park Systems Inc., 3040 Olcott St., Santa Clara, CA 95054 Introduction Graphene has attracted researchers’ attention

Electrochemical Atomic Force Microscopy (EC-AFM): In Situ Monitoring of Copper Electrodeposition on Gold Surface John Paul Pineda, Mario Leal, Gerald Pascual, Byong Kim, Keibock Lee Park Systems Inc., Santa Clara, CA USA Introduction In recent years, understanding

Fully Automated Atomic Force Microscopy Measurement and Analysis Using Park NX System PhaniKondapani, Gerald Pascual, Byong Kim,and Keibock Lee Applications & Technical Marketing, Park Systems, Inc., Santa Clara, USA Introduction Semiconductor device dimensions have been moving to

PinPointTM Mode for Cell Biology PinPoint Mode Enables Surface Nano-mechanical Property Imaging In addition to nano-scale three dimensional imaging, nano-mechanical property measurement is one the most popular functions of atomic force microscopy (AFM). The basic

Figure 1: Resonance RF curve displaying the SCM detector signal (V) versus frequency (MHz). The optimal frequency to oscillate the resonator to achieve the highest detection sensitivity in SCM imaging is 705.4MHz. Electrical Characterization