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Welcome to the 24th edition of NANOscientific. We are thrilled to announce that the NANOscientific magazine, both in print and online, is resuming its publication based on the overwhelming interest from our past avid readers.

NANOscientific Symposiums are back this year, following a successful run of virtual and live events during these past years—the symposium that brought together thousands of people from nearly 40 countries and awarded cash prizes for presenters and poster exhibits. Abstracts are now being accepted for this year’s symposiums, with the chance to be a presenter and win cash prizes. Park Systems is the main supporter of NANOscientific, adhering to its mission of enabling scientific advances. 

The future of 2D materials research looks bright, and the development of new nanoscale techniques using the AFM, ISE, SECCM and CAFM will drive further advancements in the field. In this edition of NANOscientific, we present the latest research on 2D materials, and the microscopy methods used to study them.

We hope that this issue will serve as an essential resource for researchers and enthusiasts alike, and we look forward to keeping you updated with the latest developments in nanoscience and technology.

Keibock LeeChief Editor

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NANOscientific Magazine has been published since 2014 and has a global distribution of over 30,000 in North America, Europe, and Asia. NANOscientific Symposiums are held annually around the world to share scientific knowledge and foster ongoing relationships in the field of nano science and technology. NANOscientific Magazine showcases advancements in the field of nano across a wide range of multi-disciplinary areas of research. The NANOscientific Community is a group of global researchers who gather to expand the knowledge of scanning probe microscopy in today's rapidly evolving global economy. 

NANOscientific is published both in print and online to showcase advancements in the field of nanoscience and technology across a wide range of multidisciplinary areas of research. The publication is offered free to anyone who works or have interest in the field of nanotechnology, nanoscience, microscopy and other related fields of study and manufacturing. We enjoy hearing from you, our readers. Please send your research or story ideas to 

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