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Park Opens European Headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany

Ludger Weisser, 
Park Systems Newly Appointed European General Sales Manager 
At The Park System European Headquarters
In Heidelberg, Germany


Park Systems, world-leader in atomic force microscopy (AFM) recently announced the opening of their European Headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany and appointment of Ludger Weisser as General Sales Manager. Park Systems is a publicly traded company listed on KOSDAQ since 2015 where they received "AA" from two separate rating agencies on advanced technologies, becoming the first company listed that year through the special technologies IPO program. Dr. Sang-il Park CEO and founder of Park Systems worked as an integral part of the group at Stanford University that first developed AFM technology.


“We are very excited to open our European Headquarters and to create closer relationships with our valued customers in Europe,” states Dr. Sang-il Park, Park Systems Founder and CEO. “The appointment of Ludger Weisser as European General Sales Manager demonstrates our commitment to provide best-in-class technical sales support and technology collaboration with our customer to provide unique customer-driven Atomic Force Microscopy solutions.”


The opening of the European Headquarters will provide support for the vast network of highly skilled Park AFM distributors already established throughout Europe. Park Systems European distributors include Schaefer Technologie GmbH in Germany, Elexience in France, LOT-Quantum Design in the UK, ST Instruments B.V. in BeNeLux, Gambetti Kenologia Srl in Italy, and Biometa Tecnologia y Sistemas, s.a in Spain. To find a distributor location for Park AFM near you, go to: http://www.parksystems.com/index.php/company/locations)


Ludger Weisser brings over twenty years of experience in management positions with Atomic Force Microscopy companies, including Director of European Sales with Asylum Research and Managing Director at Atomic Force F&E GmbH, an advanced metrological instrumentation organization for the European research community. His extensive background includes a degree in Physics from the University of Heidelberg, university research on polymer surfaces and work with Digital Instruments, later acquired by Veeco where he was a sales manager. “The fast-paced European scientific and industrial markets continue to make significant advancements in all areas of nanotechnology,” says Ludger Weisser, General Sales Manager for Europe. “Park Systems has a long history as a leader in atomic force microscopy, providing unsurpassed nanoscale advances in continuous pursuit of the latest AFM innovations.” The Park Systems European Headquarters launches a focused effort to develop close relationships with European thought leaders within the scientific and manufacturing communities and develop products that meet their needs. Park Systems is a leading innovator in nanoscale microscopy and metrology and continues to invest in the development of emerging technology. They now have offices in Korea, United States, Japan, Singapore and Europe. As the nanoscale microscopy demands more effective AFM technology, Park Systems is focused on revolutionary breakthroughs for the best AFM products offered in both science and industry. Park Systems was founded in 1997 and holds 32 patents related to AFM technology, including True Non-Contact Mode™ using decoupled XY and Z scanners, PTR measurements of HDD application, NX-Bio technology using Scanning ion conductance microscopy (SICM) on live cell, 3D AFM, and fully automated AFM operation software (SmartScan™).