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Park Tours Major Universities Giving AFM Lectures and Demos

Students gather around to view Park Atomic Force Microscope Images at a Park AFM Demo at Brown Laboratory at the University of Delaware. Park Systems did Park AFM Demos at several major universities in 2016 including the BioScience Research Collaborative at Rice University, Larry R. Faulkner Nano Science and Technology Building, University of Texas at Austin, New Jersey Institute of Technology, and Brown Laboratory at the University of Delaware. Park also offer free online workshops thru Nano Academy, a program to foster shared knowledge for Nano-Scientific researchers. For more about Nano Academy, go to: https://www.parksystems.com/learning-center/programs/online-nanoacademy


Park Systems demonstrates SmartScan, Park NX10 SICM System—a tool designed to enable innovative studies in electrochemistry, Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) technology and other unique features of Park Atomic Force Microscopes to students at a Park AFM Demo at Tiernan Hall and the Otto H. York Center for Environmental Engineering and Science at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The patented SmartScan™ operating system has revolutionized the transfer of data to a simple point-and-click system, not dependent on user experience. With new SmartScan™ on Park AFM, researchers can rely on the accuracy of the data and focus on their research.


Dr. Sang-il Park, CEO of Park Systems explains how AFM was discovered thru his work with 2016 KAVLI Prize winner in NanoScience for inventing AFM, Calvin Quate at Stanford University. Founded in 1997, Park Systems has become a world-leading manufacturer of AFM and holds 32 patents related to AFM technology including True Non-Contact Mode™ using decoupled XY and Z scanners, PTR measurements of HDD application, NX-Bio technology using SICM on live cell, 3D AFM and SmartScan™.