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Park Systems Appoints Stefan Schneider As General Manager Of Accurion Division

A New General Manager of Park Systems GmbH
Accurion Division, Stefan Schneider


Park Systems announces Stefan Schneider as the new General Manager of Park Systems Accurion Division (Park Systems GmbH), a prominent provider of imaging spectroscopic ellipsometry (ISE) and active vibration isolation (AVI) systems. Schneider brings over 11 years of experience at Accurion, specializing in R&D and product development.


Schneider significantly contributed to Accurion during his tenure, leading key projects such as the development of the "UltraBAM" Brewster Angle Microscope and "EP4" Imaging Ellipsometer. He enhanced imaging optics and expanded the EP4's functionalities. Under Schneider's leadership, prototype and inline ISE systems for memory and display inspection were successfully developed.


"We are excited to announce Stefan Schneider as the new General Manager of Accurion, Park Systems. With his extensive experience in R&D and product development, Stefan is the perfect candidate to lead Accurion into a new era of success. His strong leadership and industry expertise will drive the integration of Accurion's products with Park Systems's offerings, enhancing our capabilities in the semiconductor market." - Dr. Sang-il Park, CEO of Park Systems Corporation.


Accurion is distinguished for its expertise in ISE and AVI systems, known for advanced layer characterization and superior vibration isolation. The company’s merger with Park Systems is poised to unlock new potentials, combining ISE and AFM technologies for innovative hybrid solutions. This integration strengthens their market position, while Accurion’s AVI systems enhance Park Systems's capabilities and customer reach by meeting the demand for advanced vibration isolation.


Stefan Schneider's appointment signifies an exciting chapter for Accurion, and the company looks forward to achieving new milestones under his leadership.