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Park Systems Recognized In Forbes Asia's Best Under A Billion 2023

Park Systems, a global leader in atomic force microscopy (AFM) and nanoscale metrology solutions, is thrilled to announce its distinguished inclusion in Forbes Asia's "Best Under A Billion 2023." This recognition marks a second appearance for Park Systems in Forbes's prestigious list, following its remarkable inclusion in the Forbes 200 in the year 2020.


Forbes Asia's annual Best Under A Billion list is a tribute to companies that have excelled despite formidable global headwinds such as inflation and rising funding costs. In this year's distinguished list, Park Systems proudly stands as one of Korea's top 16 companies, demonstrating exceptional performance and excellence. This recognition is especially noteworthy considering that over 20,000 publicly traded companies in the Asia-Pacific region were considered.


Park Systems is lauded for its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in offering pioneering solutions globally and enjoying consistent growth in revenue and earnings. The company, noted for heavy investments in R&D, has its cutting-edge nano-metrology systems, including AFMs and ellipsometers, employed across diverse industry and research sectors. Its recognition on Forbes is attributed to a meticulous evaluation process weighing financial performance, governance, and environmental consciousness, among other criteria.


Forbes Asia'S Best Under A Billion 2023 List Is A Testament To The Resilience And Success Of Park Systems, And The Company Looks Forward To Further Strengthening Its Position As A Global Leader In Its Industry.