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Dr. Alan Tennant giving a lecture on the vision for a Second Target Station to Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This project is now approved by DOE and designing and building this new flagship

Weinan Leng, Virginia Tech Sustainable Nano Technology Lab Manager & Research Scientist in Civil and Environmental Engineering Pictured above, Dr. Weinan Leng, who researches Nanoparticle-based sensors for environmental applications and Laser-based techniques (Raman and

How the Implications of Nano Particles are Studied at the Center for Environment Implications of NanoTechnology Duke University is home to several of the world's top environmental programs and is headquarters for the Center

Lyn Evans, CERN physicist. Lyn Evans (born 1945) is a Welsh physicist who became one of the leaders of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator at CERN, the European particle physics laboratory.

Dr. Tobias Cramer, Asst. Professor and Researcher at University of Bologna, Italy   Bioelectronic interfaces offer many potential medical breakthroughs including restoring hearing, creating artificial retinas to restore eyesight and many other neural advances for

High surface area mesoporous carbon is successfully manufactured from natural wood via this green technique under development at Intelligent Composites Laboratory, The University of Akron     "By using Scanning Thermal Microscopy technique on an Atomic

Q: Park Systems is the leading AFM technology for both academic and industrial users. What were the key factors for Park’s enormous success in advancing AFM technology for both types of users who

Möbius strips are simply a three dimensional structure that has only one side. It’s very simple to create, for example, twisting a piece of paper gives you the Möbius stripsshap. TheMöbius strip created