The Autonomous AFM with Built-in Intelligence – A Groundbreaking New Class of Atomic Force Microscope "Our scientists recognize the impact AFM has had on nanoscience innovation, allowing researchers to obtain scientific data never

Dr. Berend T. Jonker is the Senior Scientist and Head of the Magnetoelectronic Materials & Devices section in the Materials Science & Technology Division at the Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC. His current

John Paul Pineda, Mario Leal, Gerald Pascual, Byong Kim, and Keibock Lee, Park Systems Introduction In recent years, understanding electrochemical process such as electrodeposition (also known as electroplating) has become evident in various technologies and

Mina Hong, Charles Kim, Gerald Pascual, Byong Kim, and Keibock Lee Technical Marketing & Applications, Park Systems Introduction The Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), a powerful nanotechnology tool, has been widely utilizedin the characterization of materials’

Figure 1 - (a) Park NX-Hivac and (b) HF2PLL system (c) The vacuum pump system Romain Stomp, James Wei, Hosung Seo, Dan Goo, and Gordon Jung Zurich Instruments; Park Systems Phase-locked looping is a powerful technique

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Center for High-Rate Nanomanufacturing Northeastern University Northeastern University’s Center for High-rate Nanomanufacturing has developed a fully-automated system that uses offset-type printing technologies at the nanoscale to make products that fully take advantage of the

Dr. Baker’s research group at Indiana University consists of analytical and materials chemists broadly interested in electrochemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, new mass spectrometry methods, materials for electrode fabrication and instrumentation development. He has a